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Sisters, Here’s What You Can Do for National Siblings Day

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Come Celebrate National Siblings Day with Us!

National Siblings Day

Sometimes a best friend is a good substitute for a sister.

Welcome to National Sisters Day. Well, actually, this is National Siblings Day. But here at RosieCentral we are all about inspiring women to create and live empowered lives, so we have renamed it National Sisters Day. 

  • Do you have a sister who has inspired you?
  • Have you inspired your sister?
  • You don’t have a sister? Don’t worry. We have an idea for you.

Did you respond YES to having a sister who has inspired you?

—Maybe you recall at time when your sister stood up for you.

—Or maybe you remember when she had your back.

—Perhaps you saw what she was doing with her life and that made you want to do more with yours.

—And 100 other “maybe-s”

You probably didn’t thank her at the time of the inspiration. Or even if you did, you haven’t thanked her since. Well, don’t feel bad. Today (or tomorrow or whenever you read this blog) is the absolutely perfect day to send her a text or an email or call her or write to her.

Go ahead, thank her. Thank her for being your sister and let her know how much your relationship means to you. Specifically, let her know how she has inspired you — made your feel better about life — encouraged you.

Don’t always get along with your sister? Don’t fret. We all have those times. That is what makes Sisters Day so special. You can put aside slights and hurts and downright feuds and just give her a shoutout of thanks for one or a whole bunch of ways that you’ve been inspired or empowered by her.

It will make her feel good and even if it doesn’t, it will make you feel good. So it is definitely a win activity.

I’m lucky to have a sister…

…so I don’t need to go find someone to celebrate with. My sister lives many states away. I’ve been talking with her a lot recently because she had an operation that resulted in her nearly bleeding to death. In the midst of worried phone calls, I had completely forgotten that National Siblings Day was approaching. So I decided to send her a card instead of another call. I’m sure it didn’t arrive today, but she’ll get it next week. And in this case, it really is the thought that matters!

You don’t have a sister?

But you might not have a sister. In that case, use today to think of just one person who has inspired you. Rather than thinking in general terms, remember one or two specific occasions or actions or words. Think about where you both were at the time. Think about what the day was like — chilly spring day, hot summer day, transitional autumn day, snowy or sub-zero winter day. Try to recall why you two were together. It can be meaningful to even remember sounds and smells of that day. All of these details, while not necessary, will make your memories much sharper and brighter.

Then reach out…

…and tell your friend that you are thinking of her and want to celebrate your relationship and thank her for inspiring and encouraging you. So many times people don’t even know they have made a difference in our lives. Let’s rectify that TODAY!

2-Sided Rosie the Riveter PosterAnd speaking of sisters…

Did you know that Rosie the Riveter had a sister? Her name was Ada and she was 18 when she went to work at the Naval Air Station along with 20 year old Rosie.

You’re probably thinking I’ve gone bonkers. You (and I) know that Rosie the Riveter is just an iconic figure. You’re right, of course. But J. Howard Miller, the artist who drew the We Can Do It! WW2 poster, had to get his idea for the figure from someone.

Who was the inspiration for the poster? Was it the Rosie who worked at the Naval Air Station? Probably, but her name wasn’t Rosie. It was Naomi Parker and she did go to work with her sister Ada.

In 1942, only a few months after Pearl Harbor, a photographer took Naomi’s picture while she stood at a lathe, wearing her polkadot bandana. The photo was published in 1942 in many newspapers including the Pittsburg Press, Miller’s hometown paper. The conjecture is that Miller was inspired by that image of Naomi and her polkadot bandana. We’ve seen photos of Naomi and Ada together and can imagine that these two sisters had a special relationship as each encouraged the other to keep working for the war effort, even though their tasks were dirty and difficult.

Naomi and Ada

As we look at what Naomi and Ada did in WW2, as well as what the 18 million women in every state of the nation did to help us win the war, we want to express our thanks for them. They remind us to inspire, encourage, and empower other women to reach their goals, to stretch themselves, and to work to make their dreams come true. 

A Recent Look at the Inspiration of Persistence

Recently, we wrote about what we can learn about persistence in our lives. Seeing others persist in achieving goals can inspire us to do the same. Hope you check out this blog.

Rosie the Riveter Cloth Ornament and Rose Soap

Rosie the Riveter Ornament Doll Plus Rosie’s Rose-Scented Soap with Embedded Rose Petals

Does Your Sister Love Rosie the Riveter?

If you and/or you sister love Rosie the Riveter, you might consider our new Rosie the Riveter handmade cloth ornament and artisan rose-scented soap with embedded organic rose petals gift box. A real keepsake doll. The aroma from the soap, of course, will bring back memories while gently cleansing the skin.

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Matilda ButlerSisters, Here’s What You Can Do for National Siblings Day

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  • Allison - April 11, 2021 reply

    I didn’t know about Siblings Day. I sure have missed it for a LOT of years. My sister has always meant a lot to me, so I’ll call her today. Thanks.

  • Matilda - April 11, 2021 reply

    Most of us didn’t know about National Siblings Day. Here’s a bit about the origin of it — “Claudia Evart is the founder of the National Siblings Day in USA back in 1995. After losing her brother and sister at a very early age, she created this holiday to honor the bonds between siblings. In memory of her dead sister, Lisette, whose birthday was on April 10, Claudia started celebrating Siblling’s Day.” That explanation tells us why it is celebrated on April 10.

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