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Do You Know What Happened 77 Years Ago?

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Rosie the Riveter Poster

First Posted February 15, 1943 at Westinghouse Electric Service factories

The We Can Do It poster, that’s what

Imagine showing up for work on February 15, 1943. After hanging up your coat, you walk onto the factory floor and notice a new poster on the wall. To keep up morale, you are treated to a new one every two weeks.

But this poster is different. It shows a woman much like you. She wears a red-and-white polka dot bandana, blue factory clothing, employment badge on her collar, and has the words We Can Do It! captioned over her head.

We Can Do It! — that’s your attitude too so you like this poster.


Rosie the Riveter PosterAbout 1800 copies were originally printed and displayed in the Westinghouse Electric Service factories beginning on February 15, 1943. That was the humble beginning of the now famous poster.

The poster was almost forgotten. However, the women’s movement of the 1970s rescued it from the dustbin of history. In fact, it became an integral part of the feminist movement. And today, it is a recognized icon, symbolizing women’s strength, courage, and empowerment.

In 2020, 77 years after Westinghouse displayed the original Rosie the Riveter poster, we have a 2-FER offer on our special version of this poster.

"Doing the Rosie"Purchase one poster and we will give you a second one for FREE in our combo deal. What’s so special about this poster? This is a two-sided poster. SIDE ONE is a digitally enhanced copy of the original that we purchased from the National Archives. SIDE TWO is all the same background and text except we removed Rosie. This lets you pose in front of the poster “Doing the Rosie”. 

Here’s what you get in this special 2-Fer Combo:

  • 24” x 36” We Can Do It! poster, 2-sided with a Rosie side and DIY side for posing
  • 2nd 24″ x 36″ poster — FREE
  • 1 red and white polkadot bandana, and
  • 1 Rosie employment collar button.

Get All 4 items at an incredible price. This combo has a value of $58.01. Your price is just $24.97.

 CLICK HERE to get this Special Combo Offer

2-Sided Rosie the Riveter PosterWhat Can You Do With This Special Offer?

Here are just a few ideas. We’re sure you have other ones: 

  • Give 1 poster to an elementary or secondary teacher in anticipation of March’s Women’s History Month AND keep one for your kitchen
  • Send 1 poster to your daughter at college for her dorm room AND  keep one for your office
  • Donate 1 poster to a woman’s shelter AND keep one for a women’s luncheon
  • Make 1 a party favor AND use the DIY side of the other for your daughter’s (or granddaughter’s) birthday party photo backdrop where all the guests can “Do the Rosie.”
  • Use as a puppy bandana, AND empower your dog (although she probably already knows it).
  • Share one with your best friend.

You can keep the bandana and collar button for yourself, send them along with your gifted poster, or use them at a party. Both items make posing in front of the DIY side of the poster great fun.

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Matilda ButlerDo You Know What Happened 77 Years Ago?

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