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Tiny Tip #1 for a Can Do Woman

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What is a Tiny Tip for you — a Can Do Woman? And why do you care?

Tiny Tip #1. What is Tiny Tip #1 for you, a Can Do Woman? Welcome to the beginning of a series of short blog posts designed to get you to focus on just one small point — a point to help you in your Can Do life. Some of these Tiny Tips will be quotes to inspire you. Others will be a new perspective for you to consider.

In our full program for the Can Do Woman that launches in July, we will always end with a step for you to take as you become a well-rounded Can Do woman. Each step, although meant to be easy to take, requires ACTION on your part. 

New thoughts on being a Can Do Woman

Think about being a Can Do Woman!

But not our Tiny Tips for a Can Do Woman.

Just read through the blog article, let your mind wrap around the thought, and then you are through. Whew! Easy. Becoming, being, and growing as a Can Do woman takes determination, persistence, and action. Fortunately, you can consider our Tiny Tips as Thought Candy. 

The idea for Tiny Tips for Can Do Women came to me while reading the program notes for a chamber music concert I attended back in the pre-pandemic days. 

A Look Again at a Chamber Music Concert’s Program

In examining that carefully saved concert program, I realized my blog articles tend to be long and require action. And while Kendra and I will continue with our longer articles, there are many times when all of us are burdened in our lives and we just want a “little something.” That little something might provide inspiration or a new way to think of our lives. After all, we don’t necessarily have a lot of extra time.

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Case in point:

I invite you to consider the words in the program notes I’ve come to treasure since there may still be months before I’m back in a concert hall.

“Both Mozart and Beethoven capitalized on the demand for piano music to which other instruments could play along, often doubling the piano melodies. Both composers called their work in this genre “Sonata for Piano and Violin,” emphasizing the primacy of the piano part.”

When I read those two sentences in the concert program notes, I thought about how I could turn that idea into a blog post. I thought I might write about how we can use this idea from Mozart and Beethoven in our lives — along with specific steps we might take.

Then I realized that I could just give you a Tiny Tip — something you could file away in your mind and let it come back to you at the right moment. So here it is:

CAN DO WOMAN Tiny Tip #1:

  • Stop for a couple of minutes. Think about what is important in your life right now. Just about one aspect of your life.
  • Give it a DESCRIPTIVE PHRASE. Don’t put a bunch of extraneous words in your mental description. Be sure that the most important part is stated first. That is vital to focus.

After all, Mozart and Beethoven put the word “piano” before the word “violin” because it was the more important one and let the person purchasing the music know that these are pieces that emphasize the piano. And if you play the oboe? Don’t get this music because it is only for the piano and violin.

Relevance to you? It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the small details of life and the nitty-gritty of focusing on what you are doing. As a result you don’t take enough time to determine what is really important. To determine what you want to accomplish.

EXAMPLE OF NOT ENOUGH FOCUS:  ‘I am focused on wonderful music that is lyrical with a dramatic beginning and an upbeat ending for two instruments—piano and violin.”

Neither you nor others will understand your priorities.

EXAMPLE OF A BETTER FOCUS: Teaching my daughter to play the piano.

Too deep into a music analogy?  Okay, try this:

EXAMPLE OF NOT ENOUGH FOCUS: It is important for me to develop better relationships with family, friends, church members, and co-workers by going out to lunch or having them over for dinner while introducing them to new foods as I expand my cooking capabilities.

EXAMPLE OF A BETTER FOCUS: Invite one friend to dinner this week.

Don’t get lost in details that don’t really matter. Put what is most important UP FRONT.

Conclusion of Tiny Tip #1. DO FOCUS. 

Hope you will come to like this new series. Expect the rest of the series to be even shorter now that I’ve explained the concept. Can Do Women Who Inspire UsHere’s to better focus on what’s important in your life and to the lives of CAN DO Women.

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Matilda ButlerTiny Tip #1 for a Can Do Woman

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  • Anne - June 17, 2021 reply

    Interesting idea — a tiny tip for success. I know I am busy all the time, so this might work for me. I’ll come back and see how this is developing. Meanwhile, I’ll practice “focus.” – Anne

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