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Hope You Are Healthy Throughout 2020

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2020 Is Here and We Hope You Are Healthy!

Kendra and I (and Rosie too) send you our wishes for good health in 2020. Of course, sometimes wishing doesn’t work out. 

When we find that a friend is temporarily sick, is undergoing surgery, has been in an accident, or is diagnosed with a serious condition — we want to send both get-well wishes and a gift to help lift our friends’ spirits.

Here’s What We’ve Been Doing!

Over the last few years, we’ve sent Rosie gear as encouragement gifts to friends — one with shingles, two with flu, one after breast cancer surgery, one with a hip replacement, etc. That worked great for us. But what about people like you? People who love Rosie, her CAN DO attitude, and all that she stands for.

This led us to begin work on a line of special get-well encouragement gifts.

After months of creating new items, we are pleased to announce the first three of these get-well gifts that let you send best wishes, hugs, and more! [Just click on the images to check out these products on Amazon.]


GIFT #1. NOTE CARDS. Our 6-pack of get-well cards with silver foil-lined envelopes are perfect to have on-hand. Illness is never planned, but with this set of cards you’re always prepared to send a note to a friend or family member. Each has a unique message on the front with a blank inside so you can write your own special message. [Click Here to Learn More.]

What’s so great about these cards? As you see in the image, the front of each get-well card has a line of Rosie cutouts — reminding the receiver of your card to BE STRONG and to keep a CAN DO attitude. Each card is designed and hand-made made by Kendra at RosieCentral. The card is white and Rosie is lined with red paper. The envelope is white with a lovely silver lining. 


GIFT #2. RELAXATION KIT. Down time” is one prerequisite for healing. But nobody wants to just sleep, watch YouTube and TV, or even read all day. Hence our special Get-Well Recovery Kit. We have created a gift that will have your friend relaxing and being entertained. [Click Here to Learn More] This gift includes:

Organic unfolding green tea infused with organic rose buds. She’ll watch the tea leaves unfold and imagine herself opening to healing as she breathes in the calming scent of roses. Our unique blend, created by us, is just the beginning of this gift.

• While shipping tea, she’ll open our original Rosie’s Riveting Puzzles book that includes 8 pages of mandalas, sudoku, word scramble, word roundup, and crossword puzzles,  And no need for her to get up. The gift includes colored pencils and even a sharpener!

• Science shows that lavender increases relaxation and brings about a sense of calm. The lavender is grown in Matilda’s garden and the gift includes a hand-made lavender wand that your friend can keep on the night stand or even tuck under her pillow. The scent wafts up and aids in relaxation. The wand comes in its own gold foil box.

•. No energy to wash her hair? Included is our generous 27-inch red and white polkadot bandana. It’s a perfect way to look great, be reminded of women’s strength and courage, and not worry about a bad-hair day.

  And just wait until she sees the adorable door hanger. On the two sides, it says : — Shhh! Strong Woman on the Mend  — You Can Do It…Get Well Soon!


GIFT #3. SPECIAL COMFORT KIT. Sometimes a special friend is ill and you want to go all-out to send a healing message. That’s when you’ll want this 6-Item Gift. [Click Here to Learn More] It includes:

  Cozy Rosie’s Healing Lap Blanket. Red and white polka dot soft fleece lap blanket keeps your friend comfortable. When sick, the body often feels cold.

•  Mug. Ceramic mug is red with a random pattern of white polkadots. Perfect for a healing cup of tea or an energy enhancing cup of coffee.

  Blue and Yellow Heart Socks with Inspirational Message. The sock bottoms say WE CAN DO IT!  A great way to show a CAN DO attitude and to know that friends and family are part of the healing process.

Generous Sized Bandana.  Perfect to wear when your friend just doesn’t have the energy to wash her hair.

•  Enamel Pin with Message of Encouragement. Your friend can wear this beautifully-crafted enamel “We Can Do It” pin to show her strength and courage. And when she’s well again, it will be a reminder of your love and support.

•  Door Hanger for Rest and Quiet. This item makes it easy for your friend to assert her strength, while getting a little rest. Side 1: Shhh! Strong Woman on the Mend and Side 2:   You Can Do It…Get Well Soon!

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Matilda ButlerHope You Are Healthy Throughout 2020

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