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Happy Birthday Kendra – CAN DO Woman

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Happy Birthday Kendra — You’re a CAN DO Woman

Happy birthday Kendra, you’re a CAN DO Woman. I’ve helped Kendra celebrate many of her birthdays. Sometimes we’re together but usually we are on the opposite coasts. Over the years, I’ve had fun photos and graphics to use in blog posts wishing her a great next 12 months. This year, I decided to look back at some of the previous celebrations.

As you probably know, Kendra Bonnett and I have worked together since the late 1970s when we were both at the Women’s Educational Equity Communication Network, a national information program to help women find and utilize educational resources. The program finally ended, we didn’t. We continued our friendship over the years and have now been business partners since 2006.

Happy CAN DO Birthday

Every year, I wish Kendra a public happy birthday on our blog. In past years, we blogged on our website: This year, I’m sending out a great big birthday wish on this our new site: But wherever or whenever I make my wish, I am always thinking about what an amazing person Kendra is.

Not surprisingly, Kendra is a role model for our new inspiring seven month program — blogs about becoming a CAN DO Woman in this post-pandemic time of our lives. Whether Kendra is writing blogs, working with museums, filling orders, crafting our handmade dolls, or creating graphics for our product line of CAN DO Women such as:

Kendra is always on top. She is proactive, thoughtful, adventuresome, and downright gifted. Did I happen to mention that I’m in awe of her?

You can see why “thanks” seems like a weak way for me to acknowledge her birthday.

So, just for the fun of it, I decided to look back at some of the photos and graphics I’ve used to celebrate her June birthdays. Sometimes, it was photos of cakes. Kendra adores watermelon and her mother used to make a cake that looked just like a watermelon. Yesterday, in the middle of a heat wave, she told me she had juiced an entire watermelon and had it on standby in the refrigerator — ready to keep her cool.

But all kinds of cakes are appropriate. Who doesn’t like a cake? One year I thought she’d like this cake with the single rose and an icing birthday tag plus her name.


And then there was the year I made her a 4-layer cake. That was when I was on the West coast and she was on the East coast. But I did send her photos! The funny part was that the cake was so tall, it wouldn’t fit on any of my plates except the oversized 12 inch ones.







A CAN DO Woman, 10 years ago

Today, I’m especially remembering a birthday trip we took a decade ago. It was filled with all the things we like to do — visit museums, find great ethnic restaurants, see plays, walk gardens. We went to the Hancock Shaker Village on one of the days and Kendra was allowed to pick up a small duck. It reminded her of one of her childhood stories. It’s such a sweet photo that I still have it 10 years later.

Technology was great in 2011. I had a little video camera, Flip Video, (see in lower left of Kendra duck photo) at the time. What a hoot to see it so many years later. I probably still have it in some dusty drawer. .

Reach Out to Your CAN DO Friend…

This may not be her birthday month, but all this talk of a CAN DO Woman may remind you of her. Reach out to her with an email, a phone call, an old-fashioned card, or even arrange a zoom call. Be sure you let her know how much you appreciate her and her friendship.

Happy Birthday, Kendra. Here’s to a Great Year for You!

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Matilda ButlerHappy Birthday Kendra – CAN DO Woman

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  • Kendra Bonnett - June 29, 2021 reply

    Thank you. While 70 doesn’t feel a lot different from 60 (at least not yet) turning 60 was much, much more fun. We did have a blast visiting museums, eating good food and enjoying great music. Thanks for the memory.

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