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Find Your Inner Superhero: 4 Tips

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Celebrate Strong Women On National Superhero Day

It’s Superhero Day

Actually, it’s National Superhero Day. Let’s use this day to celebrate strong women and their superhero powers — as well as discover and flex our own superhero powers.

Uncover your super powersThroughout time, women have achieved unimaginable accomplishments. So many names come to mind — Sojourner Truth, Ada Lovelace, Marie Curie, Nannie Helen Burroughs, Amelia Earhart, Grace Hopper, Eleanor Roosevelt, Wilma Mankiiller, Sandra Day O’Connor, Angela Merkel, Margaret Thatcher, Jane Goodall, Bessie Stringfield, Sally Ride, Mae C. Jemison, Sonia Sotomayor, Kamala Harris, and hundreds of thousands of others.

Unfortunately, famous individuals can be discounted. Maybe they are super smart, or have good connections, or possess an unusual talent that the rest of us mere female mortals can’t hope to have. But I don’t believe those explanations and I hope you don’t either. We all have our super powers and we can use them for good.

The good might be for ourselves or our families or our community or our church or our company or our school, or even a stranger, or, or, or. In order to use our super powers, we first need to acknowledge what they are.

That’s the point of today’s blog. WHAT IS YOUR SUPERHERO POWER?



  1. Take five to 10 minutes and make a list of women in your life that you have admired. This might be a friend, a teacher, a co-worker, a mentor, etc. These are people that you think of as your heroes. Most likely, they are not famous except to you and others. These are the ordinary women who have had an extraordinary influence on you.<NOTE> If you routinely journal, this is a new element you can add to your daily writing. Dig deeply into this aspect of your life.
  2. Choose one of these, someone who seems extra special on this list. Circle that name.
  3. To assist you in understanding that particular woman’s power, think of specific memories of the person. Write down a few times she influenced the way you thought or how you felt or what aspirations you had. These might be small moments or really life changing ones. The small ways you admire the person are just as important as the big ways. Or perhaps she influenced you from afar. She might not know how much her words or actions or powers mattered to you.


  1. Read your list and extract what powers or skills the woman was using each time she was becoming your hero.
  2. Create your list of these powers. For example, was she showing her inner strength, her powers of observation, her sensitivity to the needs of others, her extraordinary ability to be kind, her generosity, her quietness in times of turmoil, her trust of you, her trust of herself, her healing words, her perseverance in actions, etc.
  3. As you create your list, you may begin to see which strengths, which super powers you already have. Decide on an existing power you want to develop. Write that power on your page.


  1. When you wake up each morning, think about that super power you wrote on the page. Call it to mind before the busy activities of the day distract you.
  2. Think of just one time or one way you will use your super power that day.
  3. Use your power in the morning, if at all possible. This helps make your power part of your daily habit. Powerful habits make our habits powerful.


  1. Once your feel comfortable acknowledging, fully embracing, and regularly using your primary super power, take some time to go back to your original list of powers you would like to have. You might be ready to do this in a month or six months or a year. Super powers are special and may not come easily.
  2. Re-read that list and pause to reflect on each one. Don’t just skim over the words.
  3. Choose the second super power you want to develop. How to choose? Reflect on your life right now. Write what you like about it? What seems to be missing? Where you want to go from where you are now? Then compare that list with your list of super powers. One of them may seem particularly relevant. Do you need more moral courage? Are you looking to be more sensitive to others? What about the amount of kindness in your life? And consider a possible search for more inner strength?
  4. Begin afresh the next morning. When you wake up, consider this second super power. Set it in your mind. Try to use it at least once that day. Then continue to develop it, making you an even more powerful superhero.

** At the end of kindergarten, my granddaughter expressed interest in being a superhero when she grows up. A year (and pandemic) later, she wants to be a veterinarian. But no matter what she finally decides to become, her skill of being a super reader will serve her well. **

How did National Superhero Day Come to Be?

When we think of superheroes, comic book images usually come to mind first. And, indeed, we have National Superhero Day thanks to Marvel Comics. Back in 1995, some of their employees began asking people about their favorite superpowers. And, yes, some people responded with ability to fly or super strength.

But many people responded that they wished their had qualities of people they knew and admired — their real life heroes. And not long after, America celebrated the first National Superhero Day.

And now, 26 years later, we invite you to enjoy the day and begin to see and develop your personal super powers.

Happy National Superhero Day — Final Thoughts

  • Make every day your superhero day by using your own super powers
  • Let other women in your life know when they are your heroes

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Matilda ButlerFind Your Inner Superhero: 4 Tips

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  • Jasmine - April 28, 2021 reply

    What is my super power? Gosh I never even thought about my life in this way. I’m going to try your prompts and see what I can do to develop a super power.

  • Matilda Butler - April 28, 2021 reply

    Jasmine – Thanks for stopping by on National Superhero Day. We hope you find one super power you want to have and start using it right away — today. Remember, super powers are developed a little at a time so practice it every day until it becomes natural and routine for you. That’s when it is time to start working on a second one.

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