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Need Rosie gear for groups or events? Buy bulk and save. We offer many of our most popular items with big bulk savings.

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Women’s Memoir Writing

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Memoir Writing video lessons, books, and inspiration…and it all started with our book Rosie’s Daughters.

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We’re taking our Rosie gear to Amazon. If you love buying through Amazon, this is your link. And you can expect free shipping.

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Rosie the Riveter is an icon for her times, and worth remembering today. During WWII Rosie took charge at home and on the job. RosieGram is a gift line for strong women in your life.

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Rosie Legacy Gear

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Rosie the Riveter inspired gear and gifts for costumes, team themes, parties, parades, re-enactment and more. The focus is on quality, fun and historical accuracy.

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