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Rosie Legacy Gear

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Rosie the Riveter inspired gear and gifts for costumes, team themes, parties, parades, re-enactment and more. The focus is on quality, fun and historical accuracy.

Kendra BonnettRosie Legacy Gear

Welcome to RosieCentral

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Nothing gives me greater pleasure today that to welcome you to our launch of This is an idea that has been more than 10 years in its creation and a year in planning. And we’re so happy to have you join us.

And Matilda and I are having a blast designing our new site. While the canvas is no longer completely blank, we still have a lot of flexibility to where we take this website moving forward. It’s a place for discussion of all things Rosie the Riveter. It’s a store for the many historically accurate, imaginative and fun Rosie-inspired gifts and gear we’ve created.

It’s a place for us to speak out, and a place for you to speak up about what you’re thinking. In fact, we invite you to share your thoughts with the RosieCentral audience. We’ll be running polls and surveys to get your opinion. And you can always use the comments to share your ideas.

So How Did RosieCentral Come to Be?

Matilda and I first published our collective memoir, Rosie’s Daughters: The “First Woman To” Generation Tells Its Story, in 2007. As part of our efforts to market the book, we gave a number of presentations. That’s when Matilda had the scathingly brilliant idea that we should deliver our talks wearing Rosie-style red-and-white, polkadot bandanas.

Funny thing. Back in 2007 you couldn’t find a red-and-white polkadot bandana anywhere.

Because necessity is the mother of invention, we went to work to create our own Rosie bandanas. With the help of Matilda’s son, we designed our bandana and screen printed our first batch. I think we had maybe 25 printed…thinking maybe we’d sell a couple along with our book at the end of a presentation.

The book did well. And the bandanas took off. People were buying bandanas for Rosie the Riveter Halloween costumes. We hadn’t quite realized the popularity of our bandanas, but we had upped our bandana orders to 100 or 200 at a time.

The rest is history. We sold online. We created our original Rosie Employment Badge collar pin. And within a year, we opened our first store on Etsy.

Today we have five Etsy stores, and we’ve recently opened RosieCentral on Amazon.

What does “All Things Rosie” Really Mean?

After publishing Rosie’s Daughters, Matilda and I began teaching memoir classes and coaching aspiring authors. Matilda even developed a couple of video writing programs. In 2012, we published Writing Alchemy: How to Write Fast and Deep. You can find Matilda’s prolific blogging at Women’s Memoirs. But because our writing has its roots in Rosie’s Daughters, we’ll be incorporating some of our writing materials into RosieCentral.

And that’s not all. Our audience for Rosie gear has continued to grow. We have sports teams, event planners, schools, clubs, dance troupes, government departments and even businesses buying large numbers of bandanas and pins for their events. To support them, we created Buy Bulk Wholesale.

And increasingly, museums are carrying our Rosie gear. We’re in the process of developing an online catalog to help museums order. And that is here on RosieCentral too.

You see, we really are bringing together “All Things Rosie.” But most important of all are you. The women with the “We Can Do It!” spirit.

So let us know what you want. And we’ll do our part to ask and engage you in our growth. Stay tuned.

And remember…

We Can Do It…Pass It On!


Kendra BonnettWelcome to RosieCentral

Halloween Costume Survey 2019

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The latest Halloween costume survey proves Rosie the Riveter is the perfect costume choice I 2019

Kendra BonnettHalloween Costume Survey 2019

Top 7 Tips for Halloween Costumes

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Halloween will be here before we know it

Thinking about your Halloween costume? We’ve got the top 7 costume tips to ensure you have a enjoyable and memorable Halloween. 

Halloween Costume Tip #1: Start planning your costume now. Why? Plan early (if you can). Plan late (if you procrastinate like most of us). Whenever you begin thinking about Halloween, you should interpret that as a reminder to get started. Some costumes require extra time to be sure you have everything you need to have the perfect effect. Some costumes need to be tried on and adjusted. The distance between NOW and Halloween isn’t expandable. Each day that goes by is one less day to decide on and order your costume. The sooner you act, the less likely it is that you’ll have to pay a premium for expedited shipping.

Start on your costume as soon as you can. We have all 3 BE A ROSIE Costume Kits in stock. Every year we have customers who wait until 2 or 3 days before their Halloween event…often multiple days before Halloween. We do all we can to meet their deadlines, but they often have to pay for Express Delivery.

Halloween Costume Tip #2: Consider where you will be wearing your costume. At an office party? To work on your usual schedule? When taking your children or grandchildren out for Trick or Treat? To a neighborhood gathering or the party of a friend? Hosting your own Halloween party? If you are hosting a party, then you want to give extra consideration to your costume as it may influence your decorations and even party favors.

Consider where you will be wearing your costume. One of several advantages with the Be a Rosie Costume is that it is appropriate at work and at play. 


We wouldn’t give you all these costume tips without showing you costume options that meet all 7 of these Halloween considerations.


BE A ROSIE (BASIC) includes Rosie the Riveter 22” bandana, Rosie’s employment badge collar button, Rosie iron-on embroidered name patch. You’ll get authenticity…with a twist of imagination. 

Halloween Costume Tip #3: In choosing a costume, make sure it will be comfortable. Some costumes look great when you are standing in front of the mirror, but what about when you are at work that day or going to a party in the evening, or walking with your children while they trick or treat? Can you easily sit in the costume? Do you have to constantly fuss with it so that it doesn’t come askew? A comfortable costume lets you focus on the event, friends, and family—not your clothing.

Choose a comfortable costume. Be a Rosie Costume Kit provides all the accessories for a definitely comfortable outfit. This is what Rosie and millions of working women wore to their jobs in factories during World War II. 

Halloween Costume Tip #4: Safety is key for your costume its as much as it is for a child’s Halloween outfit. Some masks, for example, make it difficult to see and elaborate headdresses can hinder your ability to move around safely. Long costumes may get in the way when you climb steps or want to dance and long sleeves that hang down over your hands can be a problem when it is time to snack, eat a meal, or even drive. And if you are wearing a costume to work, consider the motions you routinely go through and make sure your costume will allow you to perform your usual tasks in a safe way. 

Be sure your costume is safe. Safety was critical during WW2 as well as today. Rosie the Riveter’s bandana was important to keep her hair away from machinery. She wore boots or workshoes for comfort and safety. With this costume, you don’t need high heels that might trip you up on a Halloween evening or leave your feet sore the next morning.


BE A ROSIE (DELUXE) includes our BIG, official 27” bandana, collectible enameled Rosie collar pin, handful of real rivets, genuine WWII ration token and 1943 steel penny, temporary tattoos, Rock Your Dots socks, hand-painted polka dot Bobbie Pins(tm) and a Rosie iron-on embroidered name patch. Just add blue jeans, overalls and blue shirt…instant Halloween costume. And you’ll look just like the original “We Can Do It!” Rosie.

Happy Halloween, 2019.

Halloween Costume Tip #5: Let your costume help you make a statement. You want others to recognize your costume and, more importantly, know that it is a reflection of who you are and your values. Let the costume be fun while considering what it says about you.

Let your costume help you make a statement. Halloween is a great time to make a statement about who you are and what matters to you. Rosie the Riveter is a symbol of strength, courage, and empowerment. That’s a fabulous message to share with friends, co-workers, family, and even strangers who see you in your “We Can Do It!” costume. It’s also a great conversation starter.

Halloween Costume Tip #6: Be sure to consider others who will see you. Tips 5 and 6 work together. Tip 5 has you thinking about who you are and how you want to present yourself. Tip 6 reminds you to consider others. Will you only wear your costume to a party with other adults? Consider how your costume might work with your group of friends or your children. Find something that can be appropriate for different ages. 

Not everyone will know who Rosie the Riveter is. This year we added our polkadot name patch…your Rosie ID. Discuss Rosie with friends; you might even consider Rosie appropriate for a group costume. After all, Rosie and her colleagues all dressed similarly. You can do the same thing. You and a friend, or several friends, might all go as Rosie the Riveters. Or how about you and your daughter? We have a number of precious mother/daughter photos. We even have a great photo of a mother and son. It’s never too early to show respect for strong women.

Halloween Costume Tip #7: Get a cost-effective costume. Avoid costumes made of cheap materials that just end up being thrown away or stashed forever in the back of your closet. Some cheap Halloween outfits pull apart at the seams before the night is over. How about a costume with elements you can incorporate into your wardrobe after Halloween is over?

This year, you can BE A ROSIE without emptying your piggy bank. Plus, you get high-quality gear such as the soft cotton bandana, the collar pin, the red and white polkadot socks (BE A ROSIE DELUXE) that you can wear any time. If you get the DIY kit, you get a poster you can frame. Plus, you can dress in your own jeans and blue work shirt from your closet and accessorize with our Rosie gear.


BE A ROSIE (DIY) includes all the items of a BE A ROSIE (DELUXE) with two exceptions. We have replaced the socks with our 2-Sided 24” by 36” DIY “We Can Do It!” Poster (Rosie the Riveter side and DIY side without Rosie so you can pose in front and BE A ROSIE).
Matilda ButlerTop 7 Tips for Halloween Costumes