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Hope You Are Healthy Throughout 2020

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2020 Is Here and We Hope You Are Healthy!

Kendra and I (and Rosie too) send you our wishes for good health in 2020. Of course, sometimes wishing doesn’t work out. 

When we find that a friend is temporarily sick, is undergoing surgery, has been in an accident, or is diagnosed with a serious condition — we want to send both get-well wishes and a gift to help lift our friends’ spirits.

Here’s What We’ve Been Doing!

Over the last few years, we’ve sent Rosie gear as encouragement gifts to friends — one with shingles, two with flu, one after breast cancer surgery, one with a hip replacement, etc. That worked great for us. But what about people like you? People who love Rosie, her CAN DO attitude, and all that she stands for.

Matilda ButlerHope You Are Healthy Throughout 2020

Mele Kalikimaka from Rosie the Riveter with Haupia Recipe

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Aloha and Mele Kalikimaka

Mele Kalikimaka as I say when in Hawaii and Merry Christmas as I say when I’m on the mainland. I’m Rosie the Riveter sending you greetings, best wishes, and thanks from Hawaii. Now don’t be jealous! But I’m sitting at the base of a gently swaying palm tree, listening to the Common Myna chatter, and watching the long waves roll in toward the beach. It’s December, and I’ve been thinking about Pearl Harbor. How different the scene was 78 years ago on that terrible December 7, 1941 as smoke filled the air, ships sank, and thousands of lives were lost.

Two Surprises

The surprise military strike against the US also inadvertently created what might be described as an even greater surprise. What is the surprise? It’s the millions of women who soon took up the battle on the homefront. They left their homes to:

Matilda ButlerMele Kalikimaka from Rosie the Riveter with Haupia Recipe

Stand with Women

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Rosie the Riveter is a strong female icon. We’ve created socks, pins and t-shirts to help you show your affinity.

Kendra BonnettStand with Women

Buy Bulk Wholesale

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Need Rosie gear for groups or events? Buy bulk and save. We offer many of our most popular items with big bulk savings.

Kendra BonnettBuy Bulk Wholesale

Women’s Memoir Writing

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Memoir Writing video lessons, books, and inspiration…and it all started with our book Rosie’s Daughters.

Kendra BonnettWomen’s Memoir Writing


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We’re taking our Rosie gear to Amazon. If you love buying through Amazon, this is your link. And you can expect free shipping.

Kendra BonnettRosieCentral


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Rosie the Riveter is an icon for her times, and worth remembering today. During WWII Rosie took charge at home and on the job. RosieGram is a gift line for strong women in your life.

Kendra BonnettRosieGram

Rosie Legacy Gear

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Rosie the Riveter inspired gear and gifts for costumes, team themes, parties, parades, re-enactment and more. The focus is on quality, fun and historical accuracy.

Kendra BonnettRosie Legacy Gear

Welcome to RosieCentral

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Nothing gives me greater pleasure today that to welcome you to our launch of This is an idea that has been more than 10 years in its creation and a year in planning. And we’re so happy to have you join us.

And Matilda and I are having a blast designing our new site. While the canvas is no longer completely blank, we still have a lot of flexibility to where we take this website moving forward. It’s a place for discussion of all things Rosie the Riveter. It’s a store for the many historically accurate, imaginative and fun Rosie-inspired gifts and gear we’ve created.

It’s a place for us to speak out, and a place for you to speak up about what you’re thinking. In fact, we invite you to share your thoughts with the RosieCentral audience. We’ll be running polls and surveys to get your opinion. And you can always use the comments to share your ideas.

So How Did RosieCentral Come to Be?

Matilda and I first published our collective memoir, Rosie’s Daughters: The “First Woman To” Generation Tells Its Story, in 2007. As part of our efforts to market the book, we gave a number of presentations. That’s when Matilda had the scathingly brilliant idea that we should deliver our talks wearing Rosie-style red-and-white, polkadot bandanas.

Funny thing. Back in 2007 you couldn’t find a red-and-white polkadot bandana anywhere.

Because necessity is the mother of invention, we went to work to create our own Rosie bandanas. With the help of Matilda’s son, we designed our bandana and screen printed our first batch. I think we had maybe 25 printed…thinking maybe we’d sell a couple along with our book at the end of a presentation.

The book did well. And the bandanas took off. People were buying bandanas for Rosie the Riveter Halloween costumes. We hadn’t quite realized the popularity of our bandanas, but we had upped our bandana orders to 100 or 200 at a time.

The rest is history. We sold online. We created our original Rosie Employment Badge collar pin. And within a year, we opened our first store on Etsy.

Today we have five Etsy stores, and we’ve recently opened RosieCentral on Amazon.

What does “All Things Rosie” Really Mean?

After publishing Rosie’s Daughters, Matilda and I began teaching memoir classes and coaching aspiring authors. Matilda even developed a couple of video writing programs. In 2012, we published Writing Alchemy: How to Write Fast and Deep. You can find Matilda’s prolific blogging at Women’s Memoirs. But because our writing has its roots in Rosie’s Daughters, we’ll be incorporating some of our writing materials into RosieCentral.

And that’s not all. Our audience for Rosie gear has continued to grow. We have sports teams, event planners, schools, clubs, dance troupes, government departments and even businesses buying large numbers of bandanas and pins for their events. To support them, we created Buy Bulk Wholesale.

And increasingly, museums are carrying our Rosie gear. We’re in the process of developing an online catalog to help museums order. And that is here on RosieCentral too.

You see, we really are bringing together “All Things Rosie.” But most important of all are you. The women with the “We Can Do It!” spirit.

So let us know what you want. And we’ll do our part to ask and engage you in our growth. Stay tuned.

And remember…

We Can Do It…Pass It On!


Kendra BonnettWelcome to RosieCentral

Halloween Costume Survey 2019

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The latest Halloween costume survey proves Rosie the Riveter is the perfect costume choice I 2019

Kendra BonnettHalloween Costume Survey 2019