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Becoming a CAN DO Woman – Program #5: What is My Physical Capital

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BECOMING A CAN DO WOMAN – PROGRAM #5: What is My Physical Capital

Becoming a CAN DO Woman – Program #5. This is a new consideration as you move toward becoming a CAN DO woman — your physical capital. When we think of life, we have seven assets, or what we call Life Capitals:

  • Social Capital
  • Physical Capital
  • Emotional Capital
  • Spiritual Capital
  • Financial Capital
  • Temporal Capital

We can examine each and determine how to increase or enhance them. In the previous four blog posts, we considered the importance of social capital — or what we called friendships. Each week provided what we hope was food for thought as well as a special action step to take. 

Becoming a CAN DO Woman Program

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Harness your energyThis week in our Becoming a CAN DO Woman Program, we’re going to explore the second of our seven life capitals — Physical Capital. The first week of a new capital is always the most general. We intend this to give you some new areas to think about. Then we’ll provide you with One Action you can take this week to help you as you move toward becoming a CAN DO Woman–toward becoming the woman you want to be.


We have researched, coached, and written about ways to become a CAN DO Woman. Ways to take charge of your life. Each blog in this series brings to light a different aspect of how we can change and manage our lives so that we can be more of the type of woman we want to be and move toward the life we want.

In particular, the pandemic has caused many of us to begin the important (re)evaluation of our lives. What do we want to do? Who do we want to be? How can we get unstuck? What is the purpose of our life?

Let’s Get Started With Physical Capital

We are born with physical assetsPhysical Capital

The fundamentals of our Physical Capital are given to us at birth, and much of that inheritance was assembled at the time of conception. Except perhaps for Spiritual Capital, none of the Life Capitals is entirely under our control, and Physical Capital fluctuates more than we wish.

Many people, unfortunately can’t rely on their Physical Capital to be adequate for the active living that the rest of us take for granted. They must nurture and ration what we spend so carelessly.

Define Physical Capital

Physical Capital consists of the proceeds from the initial genetic make-up of the body and from lifelong efforts to nourish and exercise the body for strength, agility, endurance, and reliability.

And the Definition Means…

Walking is a great way to enhance physical capitalWhat Does This Definition Mean? We have absolutely nothing to do with the size of our Physical Capital birthright. Some people acquired an ample inheritance. Others did not. Some people are able to improve their physical capital.

Surprisingly enough, considering the restricted balances of some other Life Capitals that people must contend with, we are collectively a healthy species.

Moreover, as the seven major causes of good health are better understood by more people (genes, environment, nutrition, exercise, relaxation/rest, friendships, and optimistic attitude), we see more examples of deliberate health in which people befriend, so to speak, the six causes they can influence in order to achieve the best health that they are capable of.


Once again, we suggest that you take just one action in the coming week. This will help you get started thinking about and improving your physical capital. With your mind tuned to physical capital, you will be better able to determine the level of self-care that you are able (and willing) to provide.



  1. It’s time for you to think about or, even better, write the 5 positive aspects about your health that you inherited — were born with. Be grateful for each of these. For example, I’d write the word longevity in my list. My great aunt lived to be 99 and was just 3 months shy of her 100th birthday. My mother lived a full life to the age of 95. With the improvement of healthcare, I can easily imagine living to 100. This is a valuable inheritance. 
  2. Are there negative physical health issues that you also inherited? Write those down as well. My mother and now my sister had heart problems. That makes me aware of the need to find the physical activities that will help me keep my heart healthy.


As we always say, “That’s it.” That is all you need to do this week. As you think about your life, remember that you only have to take one step forward. This week that step is to reflect on and better understand the positive and negative elements of your physical health that you have inherited. 

And while you are doing that, you may be ready to start considering how you can protect the positive elements and work to overcome or effectively deal with the negative elements you have inherited.


By now you know that taking simple actions will not change you overnight. But you are now started along the path toward the life you want — to being the person you want. You will have taken another action. Hopefully, you can begin to see how physical capital is distinct from but also works with your social capital. We’ll talk more about that in the next blog.

As you go forward with this program, remember to continue previous steps taken. Keep up the valuable friends. Don’t let yourself get pulled back into the harmful friendships that tore you down rather than built you up!

And now…write that list of the good and bad physical capital that you inherited when you were born. Even this simple task prepares your mind to take positive action on your current state of physical capital.

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Matilda ButlerBecoming a CAN DO Woman – Program #5: What is My Physical Capital

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  • Edwina - September 18, 2021 reply

    New perspective for me. I’ve never really thought about my parents’ health. I always figured I alone was responsible for my health. I’m looking forward to your next blog so I can learn more.

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