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Become a CAN DO Woman: One Step At a Time

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Are You Ready to Begin Your Post-Pandemic Life?

Join Us to Find Inspiration 

and Practical Steps to 

Become a More Effective, Empowered CAN DO Woman

One Week at a Time


Stay tuned. On July 7, RosieCentral begins our new weekly blog-based program designed to help you become the CAN DO woman you have always imagined.

There are many websites that provide lists to help you. And you’ll find some great ideas there. We urge you to continue to look at various sources of inspiration for your life.

Change Takes More Than Lists

But just reading through “how to be successful” or “how to be fulfilled” or “how to get ahead at work” or “how to be loved” doesn’t really move you much closer to those goals. Why? It’s so easy to read and forget.

And we should know. We’ve tried them ourselves. But when I look at myself as the woman “before” the lists and the woman “after”, they are fairly close to duplicates.

We CAN DO Women

You CAN BE a CAN DO Woman

You Decide Who You Want to Be

We want more for you than that. We want you to see change in your life.

So, we’ve designed a different path. Our intent is to provide one area to focus on each month and one specific action to take each week that will help you move closer to becoming the person you want to be.

And who is this person you want to be? We can’t possibly choose what is important to you or how you want to progress. We don’t know where you are in your life right now. And we have no idea where you have been.

So who is this CAN DO woman? It’s the person you get to define based on the exercises, tips, and inspiration we provide.  There is no fixed or pre-determined outcome.

Why Are We Starting Our CAN DO Woman Program Now?

Are you ready to begin your post-pandemic life?

Want to move forward into a new normal—a life that you create? Maybe your pre-pandemic life was “okay.” But perhaps you’re not ready to just resume all the old behaviors and habits. Maybe you were already dissatisfied with your life before the lockdown and would like to find a way to welcome meaningful change into your life.

Either way, NOW IS THE TIME TO BEGIN TAKING STEPS that will let you have the life you want—that will let you become the woman you want to be.

Yes, now is the time to become a more effective, empowered CAN DO Woman.


What do we know that can help you?

Kendra and I have spent the last 20 years interviewing, coaching, and helping women write about and change their lives based on self-discovery, understanding, and inspiration. In the next 52 weeks, we’re going to share some of the secrets we’ve learned. We will provide you with information, exercises, and prompts to assist you in working toward a life that better suits you and your dreams.

What we are not.

As I mentioned, there are many lists on the internet to help you change your life. We’ve tried a large number of these ourselves. Each one initially seems brilliant and full of good advice. But in the end they are just lists that are easily forgotten. Really, who could possibly remember to do five new things each day!

That’s why we hope you’ll join us each week

For the next 12 months, we’ll explore a different area of your life. Each week will focus on one aspect of that month’s topic and give you a challenge to take. We’ll share stories of ordinary and extraordinary women, inspirational quotes, research, and more. Each week’s blog will provide you with a single challenge that will assist you in building and improving your CAN DO life as well as a quick practical takeaway.

What we’ll cover

And what will we cover? The areas we will focus on—the Seven Life Capitals—grew out of our research and writing that began in 2005. We conducted interviews with more than 100 women. Each interview was about two hours long and allowed the women to address both the specifics about their lives as well as the expectations and experiences during the phases of their lives.

By the end of the interviews, we heard comments like:

“Now I get it. I see what I did. I keep repeating the same thing over and over thinking it would end better. I’m not going to do that again.”

“I can see how accepting the challenge to return to school in my 40s made all the difference in my life. Now challenges are an opportunity rather than a negative.”

“Friendships have always been hard for me. Now I understand that not having them has affected my life in negative ways and by changing I may be able to have positive results. Or, at least, I’ll have one or two people to turn to for help and support.”

And the comments go on.


Once we analyzed the thousands of pages from our interviews, we found patterns in the responses and saw that they could be characterized as Seven Life Capitals. These are:

Social Capital

Emotional Capital

Physical Capital

Cognitive Capital

Spiritual Capital

Financial Capital

Temporal Capital

Over the coming months, we will help you understand and build your own life capitals that will let you open doors to the future you. We can’t open the doors. We can only give you perspectives and tools so you can open and walk through those doors.


Have you seen the movie Enola Holmes? If not, I recommend it. The movie is currently available on Netflix and I watched it for a second time this week. Here’s a link to the trailer. Enola is the younger sister of Sherlock Holmes and Eudoria Holmes is her mother. Millie Bobby Brown plays Enola and Helen Bonham Carter plays Eudoria.

Enola’s mother leaves on her 16th birthday. While looking for her mother, Enola finds valuable lessons for her future. Near the end of the movie, she understands what her mother meant when she taught her:

“You have to make some noise if you want to be heard.”

And then Enola summarizes her new perspective:

To be a Holmes, you must find your own path. My freedom, my future, my purpose. I am a detective. I’m a decipherer. And I am a finder of lost souls. 

My life is my own. And the future is up to us.

Enola’s Words Are Relevant…

In our journey together, we’ll explore who we are, where we’ve been, how to build our own life lessons, and where we’re going. And we agree with Enola — The future is up to us.


For the two remaining blogs on June, we thought we’d have a little fun sharing some thoughts on accepting challenges and using them in positive ways.


Susan Ahn Cuddy’s Words are Also Relevant. 

Here’s what she has to say.

Start Thinking About Your Life…Today

Next week, we’ll talk about the value of discontinuities. The pandemic has been a major disrupter in all our lives. We’ll start to explore how you can take advantage of this discontinuity to go on a journey to becoming the CAN DO WOMAN you want to be.

In the meantime, begin to reflect on what went right in the past year and what went wrong! You might want to make a few notes to yourself as this is one way to look back at the path you have been on.

And, as we know from the life of Susan Ahn Cuddy, challenges are there to be met.


  1. Start reflecting on the past year. Write 1 thing that was bad or hard.
  2. Now smile. Think about something good that happened during the pandemic. Write that 1 thing.

This is a little like thinking about the trip you will take. You don’t have reservations yet. You certainly haven’t packed your bag. But you are considering your destination.

See you next week.

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Matilda ButlerBecome a CAN DO Woman: One Step At a Time

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